LOVE from our members

Kristi intuitively brings the best people together so they are able to support one another to achieve their inner greatness. If you are looking for the organization where the influencers are…this is for you.

I first met Kristi at one of her monthly luncheons where the room was packed with women entrepreneurs and business leaders. The speaker was fabulous and I knew right then this was the group to join.

Kristi is a spiritually-based women who brings the best speakers to her events to help women move forward in their lives and professional endeavors. Her business knowledge led me to join Power Circles Mastermind to define and focus the direction of my business. Next on my list is 2% Club to scale my business to $1M gross annual revenue.

Karen Barno, Founder/CEO Arizona ALFA and CEO – Empowered Living Strategies


Selina TestimonialCC has played a pivotal role in my business. Not only have I found clients in its midst, but the programming has transformed how I approach my business. Driven by a joy to see women in their glory, Kristi Hall perceptively chooses programing that supports members in their journey not only to succeed in business but also to succeed as wholehearted individuals. During each meeting, Kristi facilitates deep, frank conversations that allow individuals to ponder their own strengths and limitations. As a result the conversations are honest and open at the gatherings. Due to this closeness, I have been able to build several precious friendships within the group. CC is a respite for all those seeking to cut through the noise of networking and who are looking to make meaningful connections.

Selina Schuh, Educator/Speaker/Writer – Empowered Living Strategies

Michelle TestimonialConscious Connections has been exactly what I needed, when I wasn’t even sure what it was I was looking for. From the first moment I walked into my first luncheon, I knew this was an incredible group of women that would not only help me professionally. They would also become my friends. I have always believed in doing work that makes a difference in people’s lives. Kristi has created a place for women who believe the same and operate their businesses with integrity and passion. The positive energy and support is outstanding. This group of women could rule the world!
Michele Jeffery, Employer Relations Manager – Cancer Treatment Centers of America

susan testimonial Of all the networking events I’ve attended and groups I’ve belonged to through the years, none have even come close to delivering the powerful and deeply inspiring people and opportunities that Conscious Connections has led me to. Since getting involved a few years ago, I’ve experienced some of the most remarkable growth and inspiration not only in my career, but also my personal life. My experience has been truly invaluable. So much so, that I now I refer to it as the “Conscious Connections effect.” I am eternally grateful!

Susan Kricun, Self-Love Activist + CEO Kricun Media