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Twice a week, every week, for 90 minute sessions, I join together with Michell Brown of Dynamic Mobility Training to more clearly see THE TRUTH of who I am, where I’m at, what I’m creating in my life and business, and how to grow myself so I can grow Conscious Connections and make a bigger […]

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I don’t even like typing the word. Jealousy. Have you noticed in includes the word lousy? And lousy it is, especially for women. Jealousy causes resentment and separation, ruins what could be beautiful friendships, causes women to compete with each other, gossip about each other, undermine each other, and feels crappy whether you are the […]

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My mother grew up in a fishbowl of a small southern town where folks prayed on Sundays and gossiped about each other the rest of the week. She experienced judgement and hypocrisy which ultimately turned her off to religion. And she lumped religion into spirituality. I picked up her discomfort and dissatisfaction and stayed clear […]

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As many of you know from my recent blog My Body, I’m waking up my health consciousness. I’m in the process of embracing the fact that I have a body, unraveling why I had abandoned it, and exploring how we can be friends. I have the good fortune of being fully supported in my journey […]