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These past few weeks, I’ve experienced a level of connection with myself and others that I had never experienced before. The conversations are deeper. We understand each other more fully. There is a compassion without judgement that is freeing and healing for all parties. It’s so unusually good that I have to pinch myself as […]

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It’s been a source of confusion and fear for me since I started Conscious Connections. Sales. I’ve repeatedly said that I simply wanted to do my work of helping conscious business women do their life’s work successfully and forget about the money. I have lamented about it and wished that money were not a factor. […]

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Twice a week, every week, for 90 minute sessions, I join together with Michell Brown of Dynamic Mobility Training to more clearly see THE TRUTH of who I am, where I’m at, what I’m creating in my life and business, and how to grow myself so I can grow Conscious Connections and make a bigger […]