Close Call

It was a busy Thursday afternoon and I was happily driving to Channel 15 to meet with the amazing Anita Helt about upcoming Conscious Connections and client projects. I was feeling cute in one of my favorite new outfits, the radio was blaring, the sun was shining, and I was excitedly anticipating the possibilities at […]

Values that Invigorate

If you read my articles or listen to me speak at our events, my core values are hopefully apparent to you in my energy, words and actions. But I had never taken the opportunity to write them down and discuss them with our community. We are completing our Vision Traction Organizers from the book Traction […]

The Women Who Lift Us Up

She showed up at the very first Conscious Connections luncheon on May 21, 2014. As I nervously looked out at the sea of women who had come to see the amazing Rachel Sacco share her wisdom, she was sitting at a front table, ever gorgeous, smiling at me with her sparkly blue eyes. I did […]

Don’t Simply Show Up: Making Networking Work

We all tend to look for a silver bullet. We sometimes fool ourselves into thinking we can wing it and get great and consistent results. As someone with has built her career through meaningful, long-term relationships, I’m here to share that just showing up is not enough. What’s more important is how you show up. […]

Unraveling Sales

It’s been a source of confusion and fear for me since I started Conscious Connections. Sales. I’ve repeatedly said that I simply wanted to do my work of helping conscious business women do their life’s work successfully and forget about the money. I have lamented about it and wished that money were not a factor. […]


I don’t even like typing the word. Jealousy. Have you noticed in includes the word lousy? And lousy it is, especially for women. Jealousy causes resentment and separation, ruins what could be beautiful friendships, causes women to compete with each other, gossip about each other, undermine each other, and feels crappy whether you are the […]