Conscious Connections is an enlightened community of business-savvy women who lead first with heart, consciousness and the unwavering belief that everyone is destined to find and profitably do their right work.

After serving the Arizona business and nonprofit communities for nearly two decades – her greatest gift being her ability to bring vision to life – Kristi Hall toiled with her own higher purpose. One day, she had an awakening. She uncovered her personal right work path – an unrelenting thirst to serve others so they could discover and do their own right work.

From this revelation, Conscious Connections was born in 2014.

Expanding souls + minds

Under Kristi’s leadership, Conscious Connections orchestrates a connected and growing circle that expands the souls and enriches the mindsets of its members – comprised of bright and passionate female business owners and leaders. Through spirit-stirring leadership events like workshops and retreats, thought-provoking content, intimate coaching circles, and sponsorships for like-minded organizations, Conscious Connections has blossomed from one woman’s dream to a network of more than 6,000 women.

Although the organization is growing rapidly with a long-term vision of making a global impact, one-to-one connections are the soul of Conscious Connections. Whether someone has discovered their right work or is on a journey toward unearthing and realizing it, Conscious Connections members are surrounded by an instant tribe of support, abundant encouragement and a collective spirit of giving.

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Kristi Hall

Kristi Hall


Kristi Hall is an author, speaker and the creator of Conscious Connections. Kristi created CC out of her love for marrying business, consciousness and the beauty of playfulness in life. She believes that business is one of the greatest expressions of who we are. Everything she does emanates from a deep place of belief in human potential, self-awareness, love, accountability and vulnerability.

Using 20 years of executive experience in community and public relations and organizational psychology and 9 years of intense study and practice in consciousness, she shares her passion for waking people up to their power and potential to become significant forces for good, starting with their own, and building profitable businesses and careers. Kristi imagines a world where people are fully engaged, sharing their gifts and talents to solve our most pressing problems, enjoying life every day, and reaping the rewards of their contributions. She sees the ripple of passion, talent, generosity and joy this will create to shift the way we live and work. She relishes authentic connections and deep conversations about issues that affect our health, happiness and impact.

Kristi lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Outside of her wild love affair with consciousness, leadership and business, she enjoys hanging out with soulful people, meditating, laughing out loud, and watching Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.

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