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  • cheap Depakote Depakote purchase canada

    Beautiful exposure of a side of you that some might want to hide. Hopefully you have encouraged others that in exposure of oneself there is faith, honesty, compassion and healing.

    Blessings~~~ for a compassionate and faith filled day!
    Melinda Salem
    Round House Sacred Healings

    • Kristi Hall Depakote 250 mg purchase

      Thank you for reading and replying! Yes, my goal is to hold a safe place for us to be open, honest and vulnerable together.

  • Suzanne buy Depakote online cheap

    Beautiful post, Kristi. It’s so interesting to know we were on parallel paths and never really knew it. My experience with depression has been so similar — the hiding, the shame, the doing whatever it takes to perform at work. Then waking up one day and realizing that I literally could not work anymore. I could barely get out of bed. My way forward has been — and continues to be — acceptance.

    • Kristi Hall buy Depakote

      Yes, interesting that we did not know this about each other when we worked together. As I continue to process what has happened and look at it through my new vantage point, I am beginning to see my story differently and it makes so much more sense to me. Lately, I believe it was mere separation from my true self and God that caused all the pain, suffering and chaos. It doesn’t seem so big or scary now that I have realized this.

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