Reclaiming Our Brilliance

I believe you are here to create magic in the world.

When I was a little girl growing up in Texas in the 1970s, I never would have guessed that I would create my own brand of magic as a writer, speaker, and a voice for consciousness. After all, I was shy and used to hide behind my mother’s legs, was trained to be quiet, “good” and obedient, and was pretty terrified of my own spirituality, not to mention God.

But life has a way of giving you exactly what you need to become the person you were meant to be. I have found hardship and grief to be unwelcome, frightening, painful and slow to heal from. But what I have learned is that nothing goes wasted, especially not the greatest challenges that forge us into a better version of ourselves.

My story, like yours, is one of success and triumph, loss and failure, and everything in between. As a young, ambitious corporate ladder climber in community and public relations, where I was highly trained to “make things pretty,” I felt like the world was my oyster by the time I was 30. Money, influence and intoxicating romantic love had found me at an early age. I believed life would be a steady series of even greater victories. My dreams would continue to be delivered to me on a silver platter.
I wish I could say that I simply woke up one day and the birds were singing and I declared, “Love is the thing!”, but that is not how it happened.

Instead, my wake-up call arrived at the age of 35. I knew at some level that I was unhappy in my soul, because I was on an antidepressant to keep my depression at bay. When the pill stopped working the only thing I wanted was a better pill that would allow me to continue on my path of achievement, success and status. But instead, I was quickly switched to a new medication without properly tapering off of the previous one or onto the new one. Within a week’s time, I found myself crying hysterically in a psychiatrist’s office and unable to stop. This led to 6 months of working with doctors to get my chemicals back in balance and return to a state where I could function in daily life again. I began to study consciousness and spirituality as a way to save myself.

For years, I quietly and privately explored my spirituality and personal relationship with God in closed circles. I hid my depression and breakdown from my employer and colleagues and “social” friends in shame because I feared I would be judged and lose credibility and love. I put up with weak and disempowering leaders and organizations that lacked soul because I feared for my paycheck and was afraid to take a stand for what I was becoming to believe.

But at some point, I became tired of the charade. I felt like I was living a split life between “corporate Kristi” and “spiritual Kristi” and I wanted to wholeheartedly be myself all the time. As I watched many people dying on the vine in toxic work and other environments, I could no longer sit idly by. As I stepped out of my own secrecy and shame I slowly began to realize that because of my experiences, I was perfectly equipped to be a voice and advocate for all those who had ever felt like they couldn’t be their true selves.

What I have discovered, in this grand experiment of business and life, is that Conscious Connections is a place for people to reclaim their brilliance – a community of people ready to help you give your magic to the world.

We are a place to have the conversations we were told not to have. We are a place to be freed of other people’s belief systems and discover our very own. We are a place to release shame and pretense. We are a place to thrive.

Can you imagine what the world would be if every one of us could recognize, claim, cultivate and unleash our brilliance in the world? To aim our hearts, minds and souls toward solving the world’s most pressing needs? It would be heavenly. And I believe, together, we can unleash this magic and create a kinder, gentler, more loving world.

Some call Conscious Connections an enlightened networking group. I call it a place to reclaim what is our birthright. I call it a home for human beings who fervently believe in human potential, love, self-awareness, accountability and vulnerability. I call it a place to come home to yourself and each other, to grow your consciousness, and to become an influence for good.
And for all the magnificent human beings who agree, I invite you to join us.



  • Melinda Salem Reply

    Beautiful exposure of a side of you that some might want to hide. Hopefully you have encouraged others that in exposure of oneself there is faith, honesty, compassion and healing.

    Blessings~~~ for a compassionate and faith filled day!
    Melinda Salem
    Round House Sacred Healings

    • Kristi Hall Reply

      Thank you for reading and replying! Yes, my goal is to hold a safe place for us to be open, honest and vulnerable together.

  • Loretta Sprau Reply

    Amen Sister.

  • Kim Evans Reply

    Beautiful, powerful and inspiring…like you
    Love & sweet blessings,

    • Kristi Hall Reply

      Thank you dear Kim!

  • Suzanne Reply

    Beautiful post, Kristi. It’s so interesting to know we were on parallel paths and never really knew it. My experience with depression has been so similar — the hiding, the shame, the doing whatever it takes to perform at work. Then waking up one day and realizing that I literally could not work anymore. I could barely get out of bed. My way forward has been — and continues to be — acceptance.

    • Kristi Hall Reply

      Yes, interesting that we did not know this about each other when we worked together. As I continue to process what has happened and look at it through my new vantage point, I am beginning to see my story differently and it makes so much more sense to me. Lately, I believe it was mere separation from my true self and God that caused all the pain, suffering and chaos. It doesn’t seem so big or scary now that I have realized this.

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