Close Call

It was a busy Thursday afternoon and I was happily driving to Channel 15 to meet with the amazing Anita Helt about upcoming Conscious Connections and client projects. I was feeling cute in one of my favorite new outfits, the radio was blaring, the sun was shining, and I was excitedly anticipating the possibilities at hand.

Then, out of the blue, my car started to lose power. It sputtered for a moment and then slowly came to a halt. On Highway 51. In the middle lane.

I sat for a few seconds in shock as I quickly reached for my mobile phone and dialed 911. I explained my dilemma to the operator. She assured me help was on the way and to stay in my car.

I am not exactly sure how many minutes passed as I sat in my car and looked in the rear view mirror. Cars were speeding by me on both sides and one after one slamming on their breaks behind me. I was a sitting duck. I sat shaking, crying, bracing myself, cringing at each near miss, and wondering – is this it? Is this the day I am going to die?

And then, although I was clearly shaken on all levels, I thought – it’s ok. It’s really ok. You have done your best. You may not have achieved everything you have set out to do in the world, but by golly, you sure have given it your all. You have practiced courage and strived for your dreams and share immense love and appreciation with many people. You have had an adventurous and excellent life.

And just like that, all the pain and challenges melted away and I felt at peace with myself. I felt in that moment, despite all my ongoing “work” to constantly improve myself, I WAS OK and I WAS ENOUGH.

God certainly smiled on me that day as a highway patrolman arrived at the scene and pushed me and my car safely to the side of the freeway. No one was harmed. But I was further awakened.

I share this because I want you to know, without the threat of danger to wake you up, you are ok and you are enough. Right now. Just as you are. Challenges and personal growth workshops aside. All that matters is you are true to yourself, do your best, and share love and appreciation. That’s it.

This will not deter me from continuing to go for my vision, but it shifts my perspective into remembering it is not really about achieving those big lofty goals as much as it is about who you are being, becoming, and impacting in the process. And for this new level of knowing, I am grateful.

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