Values that Invigorate

If you read my articles or listen to me speak at our events, my core values are hopefully apparent to you in my energy, words and actions. But I had never taken the opportunity to write them down and discuss them with our community. We are completing our Vision Traction Organizers from the book Traction in 2% Club and I must say, we had so much fun clarifying and anchoring the values of our companies (which as the founders and leaders of these organizations, are a very direct reflection of our personal values).

During the exercise, it became so clear to me that my values are what I offer to the world. They are what I stand for.

My vision is to help one million business women embrace their brilliant minds and deep souls to build companies and careers that make an impact and a profit. I plan to speak, write, and host live and virtual events to support as many women as possible and have my work broken down into simple annual, quarterly and monthly goals. This year, my goal is to serve 7,500 local women through inspirational and educational written pieces, hold 28 live events, take care of 100 highly engaged members, and work with 16 world changing women through 2% Club.

Million women aside, what’s key is that I embody my values to be an example and an inspiration. That’s how it works. And the only thing that matters are the women who are being impacted today.

Here are my and Conscious Connections’ values (with cool little mantras we created to anchor them):

Authenticity: Be Boldy You.

Belief: Belief Drives Everything.

Accountability: Darling, It’s You!

Integrity: Aligning Thoughts, Words & Actions. Embodiment.

Love: Reason for Being.

I encourage you to take a quiet 15 minutes to do this for yourself. Identify your top 5 values and anchor them with brief, meaningful statements to make them come alive. You’ll be amazed at how energizing it is as you clarify what you are really bringing to the world through your business or profession. Then please do share in comments to start spreading what you stand for in the world.

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