The Women Who Lift Us Up

She showed up at the very first Conscious Connections luncheon on May 21, 2014. As I nervously looked out at the sea of women who had come to see the amazing Rachel Sacco share her wisdom, she was sitting at a front table, ever gorgeous, smiling at me with her sparkly blue eyes. I did not yet know what a dear friend, mentor, coach and supporter she would become, but intuitively I was drawn to her warm energy and indomitable spirit.

From the beginning, Beverly saw so many possibilities for me and for our community. She’s the most positive and creative human being I know and I have no idea why she chose to take me under her wing, but she did. All I knew was I had a burning desire to bring soulful business women together to learn, grow and support one another. I did not have clear language, a client persona, or a business model. I only had my heart, a longing for a better way to connect with like-minded business women, and a linkedin network that served as our initial invitation list.

Beverly is one of those friends who is willing to take the bus with you. As a woman who built a million dollar international speaking and coaching business with her husband John, she spent countless hours with me giving of herself and her ideas and coaching expertise to help me figure out not only what I really wanted to create in the world and how to monetize my dream, but how to be more grounded, patient and grateful. Sometimes I was a quick student as I soaked up her wisdom and guidance and applied it rapidly. Other times it took me a while to comprehend her brilliance and I silently resisted. But Beverly stuck by me anyway.

I remember one especially hard day when I was crying because nothing seemed to be coming together. I was embarrassed by my tears and my bewilderment that things were not taking off the way I wanted them to. I feared she would tire of me and my struggles and was apologetic of my emotional state.

Beverly kindly shared that it was ok, she would stick by me, and this was an opportunity for her to love me.  Honestly, I don’t believe I had ever been supported at this level before. It opened me up to a richer and more vulnerable space as I was able to accept her help and begin to stop judging myself for not having everything figured out from the get go. This was transformative and represents exactly the kind of deep and substantial love and support I envision to be offered through Conscious Connections.

One of Beverly’s many passions is to help women find their voices and use them through public speaking. That’s why she came to me with an idea for a speaker’s circle not long after I had launched CC. We happily got to work creating Take the Stage and had the very best time playing together as we helped women unearth and clarify their messages and stand powerfully on the stage to share their truth and wisdom and make an impact. To this day, the women who have graduated from the program to date share it is the most healing and empowering experience they have ever had. Yep, Beverly was the mastermind behind this.

Today, Beverly and her husband John are getting ready to take a big adventure traveling the world. I won’t get the honor of seeing her at our gatherings as often, but she will always be in my heart and the very fabric and DNA of Conscious Connections. We’ll be putting Take the Stage on hold while she is in exciting locals around the globe, but she will still be accepting private virtual speaking clients by referral.

I don’t know how to ever thank Beverly for what she means to me and the impact she has made in my life and our organization. I hope these simple words of appreciation will be a start. And I hope you will take this to heart and reach out to a woman who has helped you live your dreams and let her know what a gift she is.

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