Unraveling Sales

unraveling sales
It’s been a source of confusion and fear for me since I started Conscious Connections. Sales. I’ve repeatedly said that I simply wanted to do my work of helping conscious business women do their life’s work successfully and forget about the money. I have lamented about it and wished that money were not a factor. I have sweated, squirmed and inelegantly maneuvered my way around it. I have wondered, why can’t I simply create these life-changing opportunities and resources, put them into the world, and have them catch on like wildfire? Do I really have to get up close and personal with the actual exchange of money?

So in the beginning of this year, I set an intention that I would learn to embrace sales. I had actually forgotten about this until I realized it’s come true today. Aren’t you delighted with how that works?

There were many factors at play around my relationship with sales and money. It’s been like unraveling a ball of twine. And all the perfect teachers have showed up to assist me through our community.

First, there is knowing and owning my value. When I started CC, I had a vision – I suspected magic would ensue — but I didn’t yet have the experience of knowing what an impact it would have for you. Over the past 2 years, I have had the sheer joy and pleasure of watching you transform before my very eyes. Turns out that my theory that bringing conscious business women together would transform us and lift us all to the next level is valid. I needed to see this for myself, through your success, to comprehend and claim the value we provide. I needed to hear your stories, feel your love and support, and see your results. My mind required proof so I could fully and authentically stand in our value. And even though I received positive feedback from the beginning, it took a while for me to own it and claim it. And now I am (and it feels great!) and as a result, new members are stepping forward.

Just as importantly, when someone doesn’t see the value I am learning to not take it personally. I am here powerfully standing in our value, offering it to those who can see it, excited to find the women who are the right fit, and moving on. Honestly, this one has been difficult for me. But letting go of attachment and judgement around someone’s choice to engage or not has given me a new level of freedom. I’m not here to convince, I’m here to show and offer, like a beacon.

Next, there was my belief that sales is icky and manipulative and dirty. That it’s about taking or getting something from someone. I had heard that it’s simply an invitation for people to benefit themselves through your products or services, but I didn’t believe it. It still felt slimy. But something has been shifting in me as I am beginning to understand that sales is about serving people.

I used to dislike the word service because somehow it felt disempowering. But now I understand that serving others is empowering. Nothing in the world feels better than when I see you realize your goals through one of our programs or services or a connection you’ve made through CC. When I couple my new consciousness of service with owning the fact that CC played a role in helping you succeed, sales takes on a whole new meaning.

So now, sales to me is about service and value. I can confidently price our membership and programs because I know for sure they work. We have happy and satisfied members because we have created real value. What was once frightening is now actually becoming empowering.

How about you? What’s your consciousness around sales and how is it affecting your business?


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