Magic on the Mat

Magic on the Mat

Twice a week, every week, for 90 minute sessions, I join together with Michell Brown of Dynamic Mobility Training to more clearly see THE TRUTH of who I am, where I’m at, what I’m creating in my life and business, and how to grow myself so I can grow Conscious Connections and make a bigger impact.

This all started because she could see I wasn’t fully connected in my body and using its resources to live, love and create. She saw I was living on adrenaline (and doctors reports that my nervous system is taxed had already confirmed it) instead of creating from a grounded, rooted, balanced place. She saw how I was tiring myself with the doing – the energy of making things happen (which is indeed a part of the process) – without the balance of simply being, allowing and receiving. She saw that I was building an empire on my thoughts and vision without the support, assistance and wisdom of my body.

My initial goals were to increase my presence, lose 60 pounds and achieve more stable and consistent business results. My motivation was, and is, to expand my capacity to build a global organization that shifts the consciousness of the world. As I learn and grow, I am learning to add my own pleasure and satisfaction onto the list. Imagine that!

I firmly believe that an organization can grow to the level of consciousness of its leader and my number one job (and quite frankly, pleasure) is to expand my level of knowing, understanding and love and balance this with a healthy profitability to be able to model that in the world. I want to show that we can operate business consciously and profitably. I believe it’s my inner work, coupled with business acumen and strategic, intentional action, that is the winning formula, and what it is to be today’s modern conscious business woman. We’re bringing in a new way to be and I’m figuring it out step by step (and learning from you every day) so I can show, not tell. In the midst of this lifelong process, I believe there is always something I can share and always something I can learn.

I am early on the path to achieving my original goals. It looks like mindfulness practices that help me focus and hold my attention in my body, talking it out with Michell, movement, breathing, acknowledging myself, and a simple commitment to eat three times a day. It’s happening little by little through practice, added structure, and repetition. I’m actually building new neuropathways and skills with each exercise, day after day, moment by moment.

I have come to welcome and allow magic to happen during those 90 minute sessions on the mat. From session to session, I never know what new insights will reveal themselves and how they will contribute to manifesting my vision. I can’t tell you the moment in which I will find myself feeling fully present, alive, in love with myself and life, and powerfully whole and complete. I can’t tell you the dollar figure this will translate into my business. I can’t tell you how many women may be inspired by who I become. All that I know is I am advancing and this is one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself. I am gaining a greater sense of strength, consistency, stability, clarity and peace. After all, in the process of moving toward my dream, life is happening now, and I deserve to enjoy it now, because some day is not guaranteed.

How about you? What are you doing to expand your capacity to live, love and create at your highest potential?


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