How Blogging Changed Me

how blogging changed me

These past few weeks, I’ve experienced a level of connection with myself and others that I had never experienced before. The conversations are deeper. We understand each other more fully. There is a compassion without judgement that is freeing and healing for all parties. It’s so unusually good that I have to pinch myself as one great exchange after another unfolds.

I was reveling in this and pondering what has changed and realized that it’s because I’ve been blogging.

In January of this year my branding strategists encouraged me to start sharing regular heartfelt content with you. I had always loved writing as a child but when I was faced with producing ongoing pieces for you I froze. I felt the pressure to be inspiring, and knowledgeable, and entertaining — maybe even a little profound.

This manifested in a physical fear and discomfort in my body as I imagined how I would consistently share something of value. It was a daunting mountain at first but I made the commitment and forged forward. Some weeks, I would write a raw piece from the depths of my soul and feel sick before sending it. I felt vulnerable and feared I would be misunderstood or judged or wronged for my thoughts and ideas. But I just kept moving through the fear and sending those e-mails out one at a time.

Then I started getting feedback. I received the most beautiful e-mails and comments that my vulnerability and personal truth were making an impact. I was astounded not only that people were reading but that my words were healing. See, when we share from our hearts, it opens other people’s hearts. It allows us to connect in the authentic way we all long for. And as leaders, it’s up to us to go first.

All these months I’ve been typing away I’ve actually been strengthening my heart and vulnerability. And the result is that I am forging more meaningful connections and Conscious Connections is growing. Who knew (except, of course, my brand strategists!) that vulnerability would end up being such an asset? I now understand and practice vulnerability at a deeper level. And it reminds me that the only way to actually transform is through doing. I encourage you to practice vulnerability – stomach flips and all – and share what transpires.

What practices help you open your heart? How’s it affecting your business and ability to make meaningful connections?


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