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  • Kristi
    I know you speak for many women who are in the process of transformation of our business, careers, and relationships… We just want to be in JOY .. without the BS…
    With Love

  • Depakote 500 mg purchase purchase Depakote

    Thank you Kristi. I am new to your group but look forward to taking part. Your story resonates with me completely. I work in Health Care. I feel compelled to lead with love and constantly find stumbling blocks placed by colleagues or peripheral folks who find that intimidating or too honest. My consciousness for the highest good in my business while remaining profitable is a challenge. Every now and then I get surprised by a like-minded soul in my dealings and I want to give them a hug and say thank you. I try to be as polite and gracious as I can be while always acknowledgeing we are works in progress especially in my field of Assisted Living as it encompasses so much and desperately needs sprituality and conscious leadership.
    My kind regards,,

  • buy Depakote online cheap buy Depakote

    I LOVE what you’ve written, as I’ve loved so many of the thoughts you’ve been sharing, Kristi! I receive a lot of e-mail’s, and I’ve subscribed to all of them, and have been careful to select those that I feel offer valuable insights…the challenge is that there’s only so much time, and I can’t seem to get through them all…but I ALWAYS look forward to reading yours. I love your authenticity and the fact that you’re willing to be vulnerable. Lots of people want to be that way, but it’s so hard to TRULY be that way. I relate to the thoughts you’ve shared about spirituality, as I relate to so many of the things you write about. I grew up as a Southern Baptist, and always felt like I had to “pretend” to be the same as those who attended church. In my heart I always felt so different from everyone around me. I’m so grateful for the journey of self discovery that I’ve been on, for the past fifteen to twenty years. I’m discovering for myself, what feels true to me and what doesn’t. What’s showing up for me is that it’s religious beliefs, rather than spiritual beliefs, that tend to alienate us from one another, in the workplace and in life. I love not having to pretend, and being with others who want to have real conversations about all of these things. Thank you, Kristi, for creating the space to ponder these topics that we wouldn’t have dreamed of discussing only a few years ago! I so appreciate your vision and dedication to creating conscious connections.

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