Becoming Fierce

Becoming Fierce

Some friends of mine call it bringing out your inner bad-ass. Others refer to it as standing in your power and truth. Lately, I’ve been thinking of it as becoming fierce.

The word fierce evokes both excitement and fear in me. It feels icy hot, like it could burn or freeze me to death. And I know whenever something stirs up this level of physical sensation and emotion, there is something there to be discovered.

I recently took a peek into my own power and passion. I clearly saw how much more I am than I can even fully comprehend. The vastness felt overwhelming. It felt out of control, which as a scorpio, I do not like. The path of the scorpio is finding balance between power and vulnerability. Feeling into my power was both terrifying and elating. I’m beyond thrilled it’s there, although I’m not entirely sure how to harness it productively. My intention is to channel it for good. But it feels like a fire hose-it takes a lot to ground and direct it clearly. To be completely honest, it feels like it could eat me alive.

After getting a little taste of my true self, I took stock of who I’ve been being and what I’m creating.

I thought I had been playing big. In fact, I pride myself on my courage and vulnerability. And in truth, I have been playing as big as I could up to this point. But I now realize there is so much more. And I trust I wouldn’t have this awareness if I wasn’t ready to embrace my power at the next level.

I was groomed to be a nice, pretty southern girl. I was trained in the art of how to put attractive outfits together to make myself appealing to the world. As a child, I was highly valued for my outer beauty and effervescent personality. I was taught that ambition is unattractive in women. I was taught to be satisfied with what I have. I was taught to keep a clean and beautifully appointed house, cook a delicious and impressive meal, and throw delightful dinner parties. I was taught not to be too much, or too intense. I was taught to keep things nice and pleasant.

No one ever asked me what I really wanted or who I really was. So, I’m doing it for myself at the beautiful age of 44.

You’ll likely see me walking around in my cute outfits smiling and being nice. I was a good student and all these things have been deeply engrained in me. But don’t let it fool you. Underneath the lipstick and sweetness there is a fierce warrior just waiting to be set free. She believes in love and freedom and truth and self-expression and independence. She appreciates your loveliness and politeness, but she’s more interested in your soul. She’s looking for other fierce women to play with. Sometimes, this is lonely, but she isn’t afraid because she’s building a tribe of us so we can learn, grow and embrace our fierceness together to create more meaning, beauty and value in our lives and in the world.

As I embrace my fierceness, I’m counting on you to help me out. I’m not really sure how to integrate this raw power and deep longing with love and contribution. I want to learn how to channel my power in a productive way that serves the highest and best for myself and others. I’m keen to learn from your wisdom on what it truly means to embrace our feminine power.

Please do share on our blog so that many women can benefit from your perspective. Your words of wisdom could help a woman find her own truth and power and create a ripple effect that heals and transforms the world.

Forever grateful to be on this journey together,

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  • Bonnie Roill Reply

    Love reading your blogs Kristi. I’ve been MIA from lunches as I’m working on finding the way to show my fierceness in the world at this time at this age. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

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