Are you in the Arena?

Are you in the arena?

If you aren’t in the arena also getting your ass kicked, I’m not interested in your feedback.
-Brene Brown

This quote sets my soul on fire. I revisit and ponder it daily as I consider what it means to go after our dreams and what true support looks like. My vision is to build a global community of highly conscious business women who are playing all out in their very own arenas. Whatever your vision is, we’re here to support you as you step into your potential and power to realize your dream and create something of beauty, meaning and value in your life and in the world.

Many of us have not been taught how to truly support one another. I’ve experienced it myself as I take one new step at a time, like a colt finding its legs, to manifest my vision. And since I am literally reinventing myself in a public arena, there have been as many naysayers as there have been people who truly see and believe in me and support me on my quest. Each day I am more aware of who the true supporters are and who isn’t really with me. I clearly see it, feel it, and it shows up in their words and actions.

What I have learned is that support may not come from where you imagine, but as you bravely step into your vision, support will appear. In spades. From unexpected places. The net is there – I promise you.

It’s a glorious and privileged thing to be able to support each other in our dreams. And we are consciously calling for this culture in CC. It takes a high degree of self-confidence and understanding to play at this level. But not to worry – we’ll be adding in new programs to learn to how to support each other in playing big. Stay tuned for that.

To this day, there are many people who I have long histories with who cannot see my vision or comprehend my passion or the magnitude of what I am creating. Honestly, at times, this has been painful. But the truth is that those very same people are not living full out. They are sitting on the sidelines with their doubts, judgements, fears and criticisms while I am proactively doing my inner work, taking courageous action, licking my wounds when I don’t realize my goals, and getting up another day and right back in that arena.

I have become so in tune with this that I am gently releasing the ones who can’t or won’t see and support me. And I encourage you to do the same. What’s comforting–and always true–is that as you let go of those who don’t fully see, value and support you, you open a space for new people who do. This is soul-satisfying and empowering. As you do this, you will find yourself surrounded by true believers and supporters in the most exciting and exhilarating arena of your life. You’ll get the honor and privilege of playing all out together. You will have deeper, richer, more authentic connections and the thrill of being a part of others success. The law of reciprocity will kick in and you will propel each other, through your mutual love and support, to new heights.

This is the space in which I choose to live. My inner circle has transformed because of it and I’m eternally grateful. CC is your opportunity to do this. To find the women who are willing to play in the arena, get their ass kicked, and do it again. And to cheer each other on heartily along the way.

I encourage you to give this gift to yourself and to others. You’ll be delighted and awed by what transpires. You’ll find yourself surrounded by true encouragement and support like never before. And you deserve every bit of it.

Grateful for you,

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