My Secrets to Success as CC Turns 2!

Secrets to Success as CC turns two

As we celebrate 2 years this week, I am often asked how I have attracted so many dynamic women to Conscious Connections. We are starting to take root and build momentum and people want to know how I’ve done it.

Truthfully, there have been many times I felt like I was wandering around in the dark. Each month I would pray that you would hear my call and join us at our luncheons to partake in the magic we are offering you. I often feared I would throw a party and no one would come. I did (and do) a happy dance with each registration as one by one you say yes.

When registration was less than I envisioned, I kept going and licked my wounds. When we gathered a large group of women for an event, I gave thanks and celebrated. Despite the highs and lows, I held onto my vision and kept creating from my heart, month after month, for the past two years. As I saw opportunities to help you realize your dreams, I created programs to meet those needs. It was literally a “build it and they will come” philosophy.

Today, as we begin to catch fire, it feels like a miracle. But underneath it, a few grounding truths have led to our success.

Any of us can do these things. I encourage that we all do as we bring our dreams to life and make an impact. After all, that’s why we are here.

Vision: It starts with a clear and compelling vision. This is a burning desire from the depths of your soul. It is very personal – it should feel like your life’s purpose. It’s the thing you most want in the world. In it, you feel a truth and joy and knowing that this is what you are supposed to be creating.

Courage: It takes tons of courage to step into your vision. You may often feel fear and doubt. Don’t let that trip you up. Hold onto your vision as your source of inspiration.

Action: The only way to productively move through the fear is action. Feel the fear and do it anyway, one step at a time. With each courageous step you take, you will transcend the fear. You will gain confidence and momentum. Baby steps. Keep going.

Trust + Faith: Trust yourself and your vision. Use your vision as your anchor. Revisit it, feel into it, imagine your success. If you keep doing this, coupled with courageous action, magic will transpire. It works.

Gratitude: Give thanks and celebrate each and every victory along the way. Truly recognize each time a piece of your vision is manifested and give yourself credit for bringing your idea to life. The universe loves gratitude and will shower you with more success as you give sincere thanks.

Support: Bringing your vision to life is a team sport. You cannot do it alone. Surround yourself with people who believe in you whole heartedly and invest in your success. People who will listen when things don’t go so well and celebrate when things do.

These steps are simple and you’ve likely heard them before. But what I’m challenging you to do is LIVE them. Embody them with every cell of your being. And Conscious Connections is here to help you every step of the way. One thing I know for sure – hang out with our powerful tribe and it will forever change your life and transform your business or career.


Forever grateful,



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  • stacey Leigh Barnes Reply

    Thank you for sharing your CC journey and congrats on 2 years of Conscious Connections success!!! Sharing your journey and your truth is so inspiring, look forward to connect in the future. With gratitude, Stacey

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